Scooter is a painter, illustrator, former Disney Animator and lover of all things mid century modern. Have YOUR story brought to life with a commission piece. 

A treasured memory, pieces of your history, or a story of your life captured, and woven deeply into a work of art. A commissioned painting by Scooter is your story brought to life. The process from start to finish transforms an idea, memory or a feeling into something tangible.

It is an heirloom for you to enjoy for a lifetime.




Step One

Scooter will meet with you, over the phone, in person, or virtually through video chat. Your initial conversation will be super relaxed, where he’ll ask you a lot of questions about your vision for the commission piece. You’ll work together on coming up with the concept for the piece and decide if it will be a digital or acrylic painting. He’ll then begin working on his vision for your one-of-a-kind piece. When his vision is clear, he will reach out to you to with a conceptual sketch. Once the final design is agreed upon, he will begin creating your special piece.


Step Two

Scooter’s process is deliberately private. The time and space alone allows him to thoughtfully absorb his ideas and your story however, Scooter is fully available for you to reach out to him with additional thoughts or ideas you may have forgotten to mention in the initial conversation. This process takes anywhere from two to four weeks. He will communicate with you up-front what his timeline is based on his availability at that time.


Step Three

The most exciting part – THE BIG REVEAL! Scooter will release your story back to you in a new and tangible form, ready to be shared with those in your life. With your commission you’ll get the conceptual sketch, the original acrylic or digital painting and a video reveal of your art with Scooter sharing the heart and story behind the piece from his perspective. The full reveal can happen in person or over a virtual video chat. Your art will be shipped to you and ready to hang.



The cost varies depending on the project complexity, medium and the size of the final piece, but the range for an Original Acrylic or Digital Painting is approximately $4000 to $8000.


24" X 30"

A 24" x 30" Original Acrylic or Digital Painting, conceptual sketch and personalized reveal video $4000

36" X 48"

A 36" x 48" Original Acrylic or Digital Painting, conceptual sketch and personalized reveal video $6000


48" X 60"

A 48" x 60" Original Acrylic or Digital Painting, conceptual sketch and personalized reveal video $8000



Yes! We know collecting original art is a commitment both personally and financially and we would never want finances to keep you from be able to collect a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you can cherish forever therefore, we do offer in house financing. Typically, we accept 30% down and the remainder paid in monthly installments. When you fill out your application, please just let us know that you are interested in a payment plan and we will work with you.



"I discovered Scott’s work after browsing the internet for modern art with a Jetsons-like appeal. I bought a very modern home outside Pittsburgh PA. The area I live is rural and the home sits isolated which works well given its unique architectural design. I wanted some art to meet the overall feel of the place. Scott’s work met the bill. People who visit love them as well.

Last month I commissioned Scott to create a piece for me that incorporated my home, the Capitol Records Building (in Hollywood) as well as me and my Pomeranian. Why these elements? I lived in the Hollywood Hills 20 years ago and loved the place. The Capitol Building, besides it historic value, is a mid-century favorite of mine. I imagined my current home would be perfectly suited to that old neighborhood that I love and miss.

Scott and I spoke initially, and he learned a bit about my idea for a painting. He spent some time learning about me as well. Within a week, I had a preliminary sketch. I was blown away. It was exactly what I had been looking for. He explained his thoughts and I was in agreement with the concept. Scott then went to work on the final art.

Given the pandemic situation and our geographic separation, a face-to-face unveiling was impossible. So, Scott created a video that I viewed while we were together on a Facebook video call. He called the piece, My Adventure and he incorporated what I asked for and much, much, more. I was touched and very moved with the thought he put into the piece. He listened carefully to me as I told my story and the piece reflects many parts of my life.

It is a large piece and now hangs on a prominent wall of my house. I love it and am forever grateful for Scott, his listening skills, his heart and most especially, his immense talent."

by Bill




"We are ecstatic with our commissioned piece! The amount of thought and detail that went into our painting was truly incredible. Scooter was able to take all the aspects of our life – the things that give us meaning and happiness - and incorporate everything into a work of art that is truly stunning. One of the really cool aspects of the piece is the “easter eggs” he hides in the painting. Just another thoughtful twist that exemplifies the personal and creative touch that Scooter brings to his art! If you have passion for your MCM house and want to capture the architecture and vibe of your life, look no further, he is the BEST!"

by Blake & Michelle