We are looking for people to partner with us in changing the world! My family and I partner with the MOST AMAZING organization called Acres of Love. They help orphans in South Africa with special needs and aids. They rescue these children and offer the very best medical, emotional, nutritional and educational care for every child in a family setting. We donate a percentage of every sale to Acres of Love. I want my collectors to know that not only are they adding to their collections, they are literally changing the world by helping to spread love, compassion and help to children in need. I’d be honored to have you partner with us.

Acres of Love 


The mission of Acres of Love is to rescue and care for children abandoned or orphaned due to AIDS, abuse, and extreme poverty in South Africa. We welcome them into family homes with full-time house parents and the very best resources and support.

We also advocate for the rights of children who have been orphaned to obtain world class health-care, education, and nutrition. Our Forever Family Homes are recognized and licensed by the RSA Department of Social Services and Population Development as Child and Youth Centers Homes in South Africa.


“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God… means caring for orphans and widows in their distress.”
James 1:27