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Zig Zag'n Deluxe Print

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"Zig Zag'n" is a Deluxe Print of Scooters Mixed Media Limited Edition of Zig Zag'n. Our Deluxe Prints are printed on Luster Fine Art paper and come Double Matted, with matte colors pictured. All of our fine art prints are printed on an Aqueous Printer using Archival Inks to provide the highest quality.

For Double Matted Luster Fine Art Paper Prints add 4 inches to each side for the Double Matte. Example:  a 14x10.5” print will have a Matte sized 18 x 14.5"

Zig Zag'n is one of four pieces in the “Palm Springs Celebration” series.  The heart of the series is to celebrate the beauty, history and community of Palm Springs.  The first time my wife Chrysti and I visited Palm Springs we were amazed by it’s beauty and felt so welcomed by every single person we were fortunate enough to meet!  It was then that I knew I had to create a new series that celebrates that! 

When it came to creating this piece, Zig Zag’n, I always love to push what I see to an exaggerated version of itself. This piece was inspired by one of my favorite houses in Palm Springs!  I exaggerated the zig zags and did some fun landscaping all to make a home I’d LOVE to live in!  I hope when you look at this piece it transports you back to a time when the romantic Mid-Century Modern style was everywhere. A glorious time when you experienced it in places like your yard, car and home!

*All sizes are width x height format, in inches.



I’m madly in love with your style of art. I like to draw and paint myself, but mostly my love for your work is about the Mood and Imagined World it represents. I especially like the pieces that bring back the 1950s with indoor and outdoor scenes with people or cats.  Your color choices are exquisite!


I'm a big fan of Tiki/Mid-Century art and yours has the particular "classic" look that I most appreciate.  I also should mention that I'm a fan of the bowling style shirts, and the embroidered artwork rather than the usual printed was like icing on the cake.


Your work is brilliant! It reminds me of my childhood and a much simpler time. Those Atomic Siamese cats are just the CATS MEOW!! Can't get enough of them and surprisingly, I really like the simple ones with just the cat sitting on the egg chair. They just beautifully represent the iconic 60's era. I really enjoy the live video sessions that you have as it is nice to be able to connect with the artist and learn about the inspiration for particular pieces. Looking forward to your next one. Cheers!


I have been looking at your artwork on Instagram for a while! I love the whimsical nature of it, the nostalgic feeling of the cartoons, and the MCM themes throughout. I try to make my home a unique and happy place for myself, my husband, and my cats, and I think your artwork will be a nice addition. The couple in "Love Seat" also reminds me of my husband and I, so it was the perfect choice! Thank you for sharing your work with the world!


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